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House Extensions

Get planning permission for your house extension or building project.

It may seem obvious, but so may people come a cropper for the lack of planning permission and it isn’t that expensive to get. Laws have changed and you may not need planning permission at all – your architect will be able to tell you if you do, but if you go ahead and build without checking, you may have to demolish what you started! You can often follow the progress of your plans through the local council on its website.

Pay your home extension or new home builder in stages

Never pay for the job up front. Divide payment into at least three stages – beginning, middle and end. A deposit of a third is a fair start as the builder will need to order materials and pay for them. Agree the payments with the builder and do not deviate from them unless you are perfectly satisfied with the work done. Even then think twice – will your builder come back and finish your job before starting someone else’s if you have paid him all the money? Get them to sign for every instalment so you have a record of what has been spent so far. Keep all receipts so you can keep track of the money you have spent.

Keep an eye on the house extension build

Make sure you are happy with the work being done at every stage of the build. Ask about materials used, how tough they will be, how long guarantees last, and so on. Check the standard of work and donít be afraid to ask your builders to do something again if you feel they have cut corners or made a mistake. You will have to live with the finished product and should expect a decent standard of work, whatever the price you are paying. Check the build at every stage.


Thank you Paul, Matt, Jason, Brad and Declan, you are all fantastic individuals as well as a brilliant team of skilled builders.

You have listened and understood the vision I had for my house and transformed it with hard work and patience into a beautiful property. Your assistance in managing this project and bringing in other great people like Neil and Lee (electricians) has helped me enormously. I really appreciate all your support and enthusiasm throughout.

Thank you so much for building me a beautiful home.

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