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Barn Conversions

Here are some tips to help you create a more efficient barn conversion in Sutton Coldfield or West Midlands area that saves you money over time.

Plan your barn conversion layout

A good barn conversion layout can save on running costs e.g. allow for efficient pipe runs (water/heating) and use of natural light. Design the ground floor level to include a simple internal step (where applicable) between old and new level to avoid unnecessary excavation or fill. This will reduce fill material cost or soil disposal cost.

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Repair and Insulate Existing Building

Seal all gaps and holes in walls (e.g from utility entry points), mend any vapour barriers or insulation, and top up cavity insulation after works if necessary to reduce heat loss.

Increase thermal insulation for wall, floor and roof above the minimum standards required under the Building Regulations. Additional cost increase is generally minimal with improved energy costs and living environment. Use natural or recycled materials to insulate the roof. e.g. hemp, sheep’s wool, cellulose insulation.

Improve Rainwater Soakaways and Collection Around Your Barn Conversion

For rainwater downpipes and all natural water, fall should be discharged directly into the ground using soakaways. Use permeable materials for paving and patios or design for rainwater to percolate directly into ground.

Where ground excavations are taking place, install rainwater harvesting system for toilet flushing and garden watering. This can reduce water consumption by up to 40%.


We asked CPS (Central Property Services) to quote for a home extension project involving the rebuilding of our garage (garage conversion) and an additional first floor bedroom at the front of our house.

As our property was built in the early 1930′s, we approached Paul at CPS with a clear brief to match it and make it look like the house had always looked that way. I am delighted that Paul and his team succeeded with that challenge with a great quality of workmanship, hard work and good project management delivered to the agreed budget!

CPS actively engaged us on the details with the right brick match and ensuring that the new wooden framed and leaded double glazing matched entirely with the 1930′s character of the house.

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